Google Reader – How To

So I finally worked out how to use Google Reader, I think that the problems I was encountering yesterday were due to the updates that were happening with Edublogs, as today it worked perfectly.

I have added all the blogs from the unit that have been posted on Edmodo, and it took a long long time to add and then rename the blogs! But it seems like it will be worth it.


How to:

If any of you are wondering how to use Google Reader to add a blog, all you need to do is:

Step 1 – Signing Up. Create a google account on Google Reader (creating a google account is great because you can use it for all the google sites like gmail, google docs etc.)


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Step 2 -Copying blog address. Find the blog that you want to add and copy it’s address from the top of the page.


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Step 3 – Adding a RSS Feed. Go onto your signed in Google Reader page and click “Add a subscription:” Then add feed/ to the end of the link and click “Add” just to the right. For example if the blog link is then make it


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Step 4 – Renaming Feed. Congratulations!! You are now subscribed to this blog. To rename it, simply select the blog on the left of the page and click the drop-down box just to its right and click “Rename subscription”


Step 4 - Click to Enlarge

My thoughts on Google Reader:
My first encounter with Google Reader was let’s say, bad. However I am almost certain that this was happening to everyone as due to Edublogs updates. Simply what was happening was that I could add a few blogs but 90% of them were unsuccessful.
Now that I have added all of the blogs I can see how it is not only a very powerful tool for this subject but could also be used in a classroom to allow a class to follow blogs which they find informative, without having to go onto many blogs and news sites to find out if any new posts have been made.
Yes, if you didn’t already know Google Reader can also add news sites, just look for the RSS icon click. If you look at the Herald Sun RSS Feeds page here, you will be able to view all the available pages.
The main positive of this tool is that it can save lots and lots of time which is something most teachers are searching for in their classroom! There are not many negatives associated with the concept of RSS Feeds, however to set up properly, it can take a few hours to add all of your mostly visited blogs and news sites.
Personally, I could see a use for RSS Feeds in my future classroom by using it as a class to help keep track of content that would be informative.
There is also an iPad application called ‘MobileRSS HD Free ~ Google RSS News Reader’ which you can use to sign in with your google account and see all the RSS feeds you have subscribed to! You can read more about it here.
Mr. Stevens

Google Reader – First Impressions

First impressions on Google Reader is that it is (excuse the French) shite. I have tried so many ways to get peoples blogs onto my Google Reader account and it is not working. I have been trying for over half an hour and I keep encountering problems. I thought that I had a few working, but then realised it was only showing comments on posts not actual posts. I will get back to you when I have figured out this dilemma!

Angry man out.