Digital Story

This week, Melanie Hamilton and myself have created a digital book, where we have recorded us reading a picture book from the library and scanned the images in. To record the audio, we used GarageBand and to put the audio and images together we used iMovie. Mel had the role of the narrator and I was the voices (which was interesting!)

Sadly, the images we scanned were in black and white, which we only realised once we had returned to book to the library.

Let us know what you think!

Mr Stevens.

First go at embedding a video into Edmodo! (iPads in Education)

Seeing as we have all been upgraded and are able to embed videos, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try this feature out.

I have decided to embed a video about iPads in Education which I strongly support, not to fully replace the idea of books and writing, but as a support tool which teachers and students can use.
The prep classroom that I had my first professional teaching experience with, were soon to all receive school funded iPad’s and protective cases. One of the other prep classes in the school had already received their iPads and I observed a number of lessons where they were used. The teacher generally used them everyday, mostly in the morning literacy blocks. The children were very excited and open to using the iPads. Even students who  had never touched an iPad, iPhone or even a computer very quickly picked up on how to use it (even though they still couldn’t read!). Here is a simple video explaining the basics of iPads in education. Enjoy!





Mr. Stevens

Google Reader – How To

So I finally worked out how to use Google Reader, I think that the problems I was encountering yesterday were due to the updates that were happening with Edublogs, as today it worked perfectly.

I have added all the blogs from the unit that have been posted on Edmodo, and it took a long long time to add and then rename the blogs! But it seems like it will be worth it.


How to:

If any of you are wondering how to use Google Reader to add a blog, all you need to do is:

Step 1 – Signing Up. Create a google account on Google Reader (creating a google account is great because you can use it for all the google sites like gmail, google docs etc.)


Step 1 - Click to Enlarge








Step 2 -Copying blog address. Find the blog that you want to add and copy it’s address from the top of the page.


Step 2 - Click to Enlarge








Step 3 – Adding a RSS Feed. Go onto your signed in Google Reader page and click “Add a subscription:” Then add feed/ to the end of the link and click “Add” just to the right. For example if the blog link is then make it


Step 3 - Click to Enlarge








Step 4 – Renaming Feed. Congratulations!! You are now subscribed to this blog. To rename it, simply select the blog on the left of the page and click the drop-down box just to its right and click “Rename subscription”


Step 4 - Click to Enlarge

My thoughts on Google Reader:
My first encounter with Google Reader was let’s say, bad. However I am almost certain that this was happening to everyone as due to Edublogs updates. Simply what was happening was that I could add a few blogs but 90% of them were unsuccessful.
Now that I have added all of the blogs I can see how it is not only a very powerful tool for this subject but could also be used in a classroom to allow a class to follow blogs which they find informative, without having to go onto many blogs and news sites to find out if any new posts have been made.
Yes, if you didn’t already know Google Reader can also add news sites, just look for the RSS icon click. If you look at the Herald Sun RSS Feeds page here, you will be able to view all the available pages.
The main positive of this tool is that it can save lots and lots of time which is something most teachers are searching for in their classroom! There are not many negatives associated with the concept of RSS Feeds, however to set up properly, it can take a few hours to add all of your mostly visited blogs and news sites.
Personally, I could see a use for RSS Feeds in my future classroom by using it as a class to help keep track of content that would be informative.
There is also an iPad application called ‘MobileRSS HD Free ~ Google RSS News Reader’ which you can use to sign in with your google account and see all the RSS feeds you have subscribed to! You can read more about it here.
Mr. Stevens

Thoughts on Edmodo

Although I have only recently become familiarised with Edmodo as a first time user, I think that it’s possibilities are fantastic for use in and out of the classroom.

As I have been reading through everyones features about Edmodo, such as the Community, Assignment and Library features, I have grown to see many possible uses for this educational site.

Personally I think that the main attribute of any site used for education should be the safety of the students who use it, and I can see that Edmodo has put in a lot of effort to ensure that students can effectively use the website to its full potential without putting themselves at risk. There is also heaps of information for parents who may be worried about their child’s welfare on the internet.

It is also fantastic to see that Edmodo has allowed students and teachers to access the site on many different devices, so people can check up whenever they like wherever they like. Edmodo has released an iPhone and iPad application which can be found here. I would recommend if you have one of these devices that you do download it and put it to use to see what it can allow you to do.

There are hundreds of uses for Edmodo in the classroom, whilst researching I found this helpful blog post which lists many uses. It has been compiled by hundreds of users themselves and even you can add your own ideas, as a teacher you don’t always have to re-invent the wheel, so use other peoples ideas!


My Introduction

Hello all!

My name is Jack Stevens and I am completing my second year of a Bachelor or Education (Primary) at Deakin, Waurn Pounds. I am loving the course so far and am really looking forward to finishing the course, but I am also really enjoying the university lifestyle of wake up, go to class, eat, drink coffee and then sleep (and work if possible).

Although similar to a previous unit I have completed, I am looking forward to new challenges and also meeting people from different campuses which isn’t always an option for on-campus units. The thought of an online course is slightly daunting personally, but I am hoping to overcome this as I know that there are more compulsory teaching units ahead.

I love music and listen to it at every point I can in the day! My favourite artists are Robyn, Lady GaGa, Jessie J, Adele, Rihanna, Mika and many more. My favourite albums this year are Born This Way by Lady GaGa, 21 by Adele and Who You Are by Jessie J. I am hoping to implement music into my teaching in one form or another.


Who You Are - Jessie J

Who You Are - Jessie J

Born This Way - Lady GaGa

Born This Way - Lady GaGa

Adele - 21

Adele - 21