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Diigo stands for Digest of Information, Groups and Other stuff. It is an application which lets users manage their own personal information, such as bookmarking, adding sticky notes, sharing bookmarks and an array of other features. It is fantastic because it can be used on almost any platform and almost any browser. Bookmarks that you have saved can also be accessed on any computer by logging onto the Diigo website, and looking at the tab “My Library”. Another fantastic positive is that it is free to sign up and use! The following are features which I found helpful. Note that the Safari browser has been used. Other browsers may slightly vary.

Details of main features:


Bookmarking is  a fantastic way of saving your favourite websites, which is shown in the “My Library” tab on the Diigo website, or by clicking the Diigo icon on the cloud in Safari and selecting “My Library”. To bookmark a website, simply click the “Bookmark” icon on the cloud toolbar.


Adding a Bookmark - Click to enlarge



When viewing a web page, you can “highlight” any word or sentence. This is done my highlighting the word/sentence, and then a small box will show up next to the highlight. By selecting “Highlight”  you can permanently highlight a section of the webpage. This is fantastic as when you next visit that website, the highlights will still be visible which would be helpful for referencing assignments etc. Numerous different colours can be used for differing highlighting reasons.


How to Highlight material - Click to enlarge


Sticky Notes:

Sticky notes are helpful as you can add a virtual sticky note to any area of the page that you are using. Simply click the sticky note icon, which is identifiable by a small yellow speech bubble with 2 horizontal lines inside, and drag the note to the desired location and start typing a message or reminder. A sticky note can also be added by highlighting a phrase and instead of selecting “Highlight” when highlighting a work, select “Highlight with Sticky Note” which allows you to add a sticky note on top of the highlight you have made.


How to use Sticky Notes - Click to enlarge



The share feature allows the user to share the website with the annotations made to other internet users. The page can be shared by Twitter, Facebook or by Email. If the user has none of these, they can also get an annotated link which they can share however the wish.


How to Share - Click to enlarge


Look, Feel & Ease of use.

Diigo is a very clean and nice looking website to use. It uses a blue and white scheme, and has no form of advertising or clutter like many other sites out there.

Overall it is very easy to use once you have set it up and installed in on your computer, which can take a considerable amount of time depending on your browser and operating system.



Use in the classroom:

Diigo definitely  has a possibility to be used in the classroom. With the aid of a Diigo Educator Account, teachers are allowed to to the following:

– create student accounts

– students in the same class can use group bookmarking and highlighting

– make students profiles private so only other students in the class and the teacher can contact them, and vice-versa

– ads are education based

– see how much activity the students have done using Diigo

To find out more about the Educator Account, click here.


When set up properly a class could use Diigo to research for class assignments, and share these ideas with other students.

Students would also be able to contribute at home by using their home computers.


Here is a video that a teacher has made about using Diigo in the classroom.


Mr Stevens.

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  3. Great post about diigo – I agree there is great potential for use as teacher and for students use as well.

    Great blog too – very informative

  4. I am still trying to get my head around this website but your post has been a fantastic help, great review 🙂

  5. Wow! What an informative and easy to read post on diggo. My favorite feature has to be the sticky notes. I wonder its a teacher thing. I can’t get enough of them. 🙂 great blog too jack!! Do visit mine sometime- all feedback is welcomed.

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